"БИС-КВИТ" с концертами во второй по величине стране Южной Америке-Аргентине.

Russian sextet Bis-Quit provided on Friday July 3 at the top of Kirchner Cultural Center a show that merged traditional and popular Russian music with opera singing, contemporary improvisation, tango and jazz.

The concert is part of a series of free cultural activities carried out by the Ministries of Culture of Argentina and Russian as part of the celebrations for the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and will be repeated in Mar del Plata on Sunday July 5 to 19 at the Roxy Theatre Radio City, located in San Luis 1742.

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The group, born in St. Petersburg in 2002, is composed of young Russian musicians: Aleksandr Soshnikov, accordion; Pavel Drap, percussion; Oleksii Strelko, sax; Olga Evstafeva in domra; Andrei Antipov, on bass balalaika, and Rustem Gafarov in piccolo balalaika.

"In these 13 years, we have covered more than 60 countries with our music, carrying the identity elements of Russian culture and traditional instruments," said Antipov, musical director of the sextet, part of a new breed of popular musicians who have managed to create his own style in instrumental music, blending genres and instruments typical of the region.

Concert, also attended the soprano Olga Pudova and tenor Aleksandr Trofimov, the Mariinsky Theatre, who performed with Bis-Quit Russian romances "Black Eyes" by Florian Hermann and Evgeny Grebenka, "Troyka" and "The nightingale ", and Anton Alexander Alyabyev Delvig and traditional Russian songs" Over Piterskaya "," Travushka-Muravushka "," Coachman, not Arrées horse "and" Valenki "," all with a modern approach " , he explained Antipov.

There was also room for classical music, with renowned Russian works, including "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and a block of instrumental music, which toured parts of the group and original folk songs from their country.

Closing the show was a tribute to the music of Argentina, with the popular waltz "Nobody I Know"; a version of "Por una cabeza" tango of Alfredo Le Pera and Carlos Gardel, played by Trofimov and "Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla.

"We decided to play our traditional instruments some works of Argentine popular songs, because we believe that trade brings us. Culture is always a bridge between countries, "said Antipov.

"In Russia Piazzolla heard much, we are fans of Argentina and tango culture," the soprano Pudova. "It's very important for us to have crossed the world to get here tonight," he said.

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