Покорение Центральной Америки-Республики КОСТА-РИКИ.

They are aware that to stay active in the music, must innovate in every way. But to excel, do it in a different way: they study the music of other countries and mix with Russia.

The task group of Bis-Quit is not simple, requires much research and dedication, but they have done well and that is demonstrated to be one of the most famous groups -coming Russia.

Bis-Quit is visiting the country as part of the International Festival of Arts. It will give a concert today and Saturday in the platforms of La Sabana, while tomorrow will be in the Old Customs House.

For those presentations will have as special guests, Karina Chepurnova and Aleksandr Trofimov, the renowned Mariinsky Theatre soloists.

The artistic director of the group, Andrey Antipov, spoke with Viva on the emotion felt by being, for the first time in Costa Rica. Of course, one interpreter helped to conduct the interview.

You are known to play Russian music, but also for playing tango, country and jazz. Why did you decide to mess with such diverse musical genres?

We are young and we like everything. We believe that music has no boundaries; therefore, we seek leave our native country to learn about other cultures, not afraid to mix.

"We love making mixes work on that. We like to take roots in other countries to make new, different music. "

You have over 250 pieces of own responsibility.

That is the work of our efforts, we are never unemployed, doing nothing. We are always thinking about what to do and that's what led us to have similar repertoire.

We got the opportunity and good, to do everything in this life. This kind of work teaches people that we do our work, regardless of the stage.

"For many years, there was a program in Russia, where we were invited, we find there actors, actresses and famous Russian singers. They praised the art and music of us. "

That work you have done, caused to be known worldwide as the card of St. Petersburg, the home of the group.

Yeah, well, it's an honor for us to know us well, although it is a great responsibility, because we know we have to do things even better; but it makes us very happy.

Let's talk about the presentation that will in the country.

We bring a lot of contemporary Russian culture and two soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre (Russia). Together we will interpret more contemporary way, Russian music. There will be jazz, but more important is to be Costa Rican national music mixed with Russian.

How to mix our music with you?

That alone will be in the show (laughs). Before coming, you studied music and liked very much the pace they have.

Did you also tell stories of love and happiness, as do the presentations they have done in other countries?

Yes, what we do is that, with the help of music, we each soul something important, like the beauty of love. However, they also interpret touch or other issues that are not so happy.

"Each visit, each presentation brings something new, something special for the people who see us. This will be nothing rigid, it is very fluid. "

Regarding the solo, and they worked with.

With them, the more I work, we have a very good friendship is not something new to be with them on stage. They sing some pieces, some will be instrumental.

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