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Winner of multiple music competitions. 

Holder of the title "Ambassador of Russian Culture in the world".

«BIS-QUIT band»

- is a new creative phenomenon of a modern Russian culture.

    Masterpieces of world-Know jazz, Latin American rhythms, Russian folk music, world opera, ballet, country, tango and even rock in own author's arrangements. It seems there are no musical barriers for these guys, they are ready to conquer any summit. 

    This unique and one of a kind experience comes from seven young virtuosos of music humour and brilliant improvisation. The band has created their own style of a mixing genres and performing it on the original Russian folk instruments plus accordion,saxophone and percussion. The musicians call their style "musical bisquit" - a mixture of genres, styles and musical instruments. The group has a bright, original style of performances inherent only for them that makes everyone in the audience to look at the well-known pieces and Russian music culture in general in a new light. Every concert performance is a fun story and sometimes even a whole musical narrative. Their musical pieces tell stories of life, love, happiness, sadness and of all the things that affect the people all over the world.


    The group's repertoire includes more than 300 author's arrangements of world popular music. 


   They are called «business card» of St. Petersburg. Behind the musicians - 40 Russian cities , 60 countries and over than 3000 of successful concerts. They were applauded by Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin, Alisa Freindlikh and Oleg Basilashvili, Mikhail Boyarsky, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Nikita Mikhalkov, the Heads of the world's largest countries and many others. In 2011, for a large contribution to the development and promotion of Russian national culture, as well as concerts that had a great success with the audience in Russia and abroad, the Government of the Russian Federation awarded the band with the title "Ambassador of Russian Culture in the World". 

  For 15 years, the team has performed with various orchestras: Symphonic Orchestra of the State of the Mariinsky Theatre;Symphonic Orchestra «Valles» of Gran Teatre del Liceu ( Barselona, Spain) ; Orchestra «The Voice of China» (Beijing, China); and the groups: «URIAH HEEP», «Buranovskie grandmothers", "The Time Machine", "Disco Crash," "The Sopranos 10", "Semantic hallucinations" and "Okean Elzy"; and such artists as Polina Gagarina, Nadejda Babkina, Oleg Gazmanov, Peter Nalich,Vasiliy Gerello and others. During the years of creative work was created a large number of concert programs with participation of the leading soloists of the St. Petersburg Opera and Ballet of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters.

   For 15 years of creative activities the band “Bis-Quit” became the pride of Saint-Petersburg and the object of admiration for foreigners. The group conquered the whole world by the virtuoso skill and talent and proved that in music space there is nothing impossible for them.

BIS-QUIT promo

Promo video of ensemble BIS-QUIT

Legends of the movies

Premiere version of " Pirates of the Caribbean " in St. Petersburg

Adagio. Albinoni.  BIS-QUIT  &  Katarzyna Mackiewicz (soprano)

Beautiful views of St. Petersburg


in the arrangement of the BIS-QUIT Band


in modern arrangement of the BIS-QUIT Band

Russian STING

The most famous cover by BIS-QUIT on the theme "Shape of my heart"

*The Ambassador of the Russian culture

* More than 3000 successful performances 

* 60 countries and 40 cities of Russia

* About 400 originale arrangements

* More than 20 exclusive music programs

* 15 years in the music market 

Booking & Contact

42 Liteyniy prospect,

 Saint-Petersburg 191 014,

Russian Federation

+7 (911) 768 62 38
+7 (911) 001 20 20 

© BIS-QUIT 2016

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