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From the founder of the BIS-QUIT group

 Our mission - to tell about Modern Russian folk culture .                                              

       We call his style - " the musical cake" , which involves a mix of genres and styles , as well as musical instruments. This is the uniqueness of our brightest bands - they combine Russian folk instruments , saxophone , accordion , percussion, symphonic instruments , large balalaika - contrabass . There is also a common name for our style - "CROSSOVER", in which there are groups comfortable , and doing are the leading teams in Russia , working in this genre.


       Today, our teams are successful Russian and modern Russian culture on the international stage , at festivals , on the cultural and diplomatic activities led by the Government of St. Petersburg and the Russian Federation . Is the owner of Grand Prix and winner of many prestigious international competitions . A musical program and performance art groups cause great interest among the public in all corners of our planet.


       All the concerts we try to not only make the viewer a fresh look at Russian folk instruments , but also the whole of modern Russian culture in general. For almost 14 years of our successful creative activity, we spent a few thousand concerts in more than 60 countries and 40 cities of Russia . In 2011 kolllektiv "BIS-QUIT" was awarded the title of " AMBASSADOR OF RUSSIAN CULTURE" and is today a kind of "Music business card of the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg".

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*The Ambassador of the Russian culture

* More than 3000 successful performances 

* 60 countries and 40 cities of Russia

* About 400 originale arrangements

* More than 20 exclusive music programs

* 15 years in the music market 

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Russian Federation

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