Chamber orchestra


      -  From the world-known classic till Russian and Chinese folk songs.

   -  Incredible mix of symphonic,jazz and Russian folk instruments.


     Chamber orchestra combined the young and talented representatives of music art of cultural capital of Russia St. Petersburg.


    The only Chamber orchestra playing without conductor. These young virtuosos feel and perform music like they all play one instrument. Talent and youth,enthusiasm and musical taste,virtuoso performing and acting skills,as well as stunning and extravagant set of instruments - all of this is Chamber orchestra “Bis-Quit”.


    The possibilities of this orchestra are really unlimited. The exclusive and copyright arrangements of well-known music pieces,brilliant genre weave,incredible music surprises will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated audience.


    Continuing the traditions of the famous ensemble «BIS-QUIT», Сhamber orchestra also puts unbelievable music experiments making each their number a special and one of a kind.



    Chamber orchestra «BIS-QUIT» performs only own exclusive musical arrangements and concert programs, which has no any analogues in Russia and abroad. The programs consist the masterpieces of Russian and foreign opera and instrumental classical music, world popular music, and also professional composer's synthesis of Russian and Chinese folk music, which once again emphasizes the cultural closeness and friendship between our great nations.


    You will find an incredible musical event, a real firework of emotions and fascinating discoveries with musical gifts and sparkling humor, performed with fiery energy and incredible drive of young artists from St. Petersburg.

Chamber orchestra BIS-QUIT

Promo video

  • Надежда (life)
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  • BIS-QUIT orchestra
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  • Эх! Андрюша (life)
  • -
  • BIS-QUIT orchestra
00:00 / 00:00
  • Капитан (life)
  • -
  • BIS-QUIT orchestra
00:00 / 00:00
  • Вечер на Рейде (life)
  • -
  • BIS-QUIT orchestra
00:00 / 00:00

*The Ambassador of the Russian culture

* More than 3000 successful performances 

* 60 countries and 40 cities of Russia

* About 400 originale arrangements

* More than 20 exclusive music programs

* 15 years in the music market 

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42 Liteyniy prospect,

 Saint-Petersburg 191 014,

Russian Federation

+7 (911) 768 62 38
+7 (911) 001 20 20

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